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QR code marketing
SINCE 1989
Guerrilla marketing

As a streetartist my strategy is to lead people to scan my codes on the basis of their curosity. And as a marketeer my strategy is to offer hotels, bars and restaurants a solution through art, wich leads people to scan the codes for an added-value. I have been offering unconventional marketing measures tailored to QR codes since 2010.

Blah Blah Blah's

Amount of times since 2010 that i heard people say that QR codes are too techy and that there is no future for them. That they don't work. That people don't use them. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic this has changed - a lot.


It's not me - it's you! Nearly every generated promotional QR code leads the user to a simple webpage. Wow.... not! The trick is to create an added value to the code, making it outstanding.

The problem is not the code but your marketing strategy.


QRonnect art
Small QR codes painted on canvas for WiFi access and visitor engagement.

Your guests or friends simply need to scan a WiFi code to gain access to your superfast WiFi network. Don't force them to go through a difficult login process or ask your staff for the network credentials - all they need to do, is scan a QR code painting on the wall.

Easy WiFi access
Guests scan the code to gain direct access to your super fast WiFi network.*
Guests scan this code to receive your vCard that can be directly added to their phone contacts.
Social profile
Guests scan this code to directly land on one of your social network profiles.
PDF download
Guests scan this code to receive a menu or flyer as PDF download direclty onto their phone.
* Scanning of the WiFi code can currently NOT be tracked. All other solutions can track several marketing relevant information per scan.
"Two of us"
Two QR codes on one painting.
20x50cm acrylic QR code painting with 1 WiFi code and 1 custom code.

145€ +2€ monthly

"Only the lonely"
One QR code on canvas.
30x30cm acrylic QR code painting with 1 WiFi code (either fixed WiFi access or web link)

95€ +2€ monthly

Further package details

QR code painted on high quality canvas with acrylic paint.
Monday to Saturday, 9to5 WhatsApp support.
Access to the backend of the system with all of your QR code data and statistics.
Sum of scans per day and current month with several scan background informations.

All package prices include the legal taxes.

Streetmarketing: 360º DJ soundsystem

360° VR video
Qroft is the first to start a DJ series of 360° recorded video mixes as virtual reality experience.

Headphone silence
The first DJ to offer this to the hospitality market: let your guests listen to a LIVE DJ through their headphones without disturbing anyone else.

360° LIVE streaming
Occasionally Qroft streams DJ mix sessions live either to Facebook or Youtube as 360° video.

YouTube Instagram
DJ session calculator

DJ Costs estimate
For Gran Canaria only!

Use this form to calculate a price depending on the services that you want.
Please be aware that certain products need technical equipment from your side (like a WiFi connection with an upload rate of at least 2Mbps). Do not hesitate to contact me for details and clearification.

DJ + Equipment

Extra transportation

Locations outside of the Maspalomas area must activate this, as a XTRAVANZ pickup truck will be rented for 80.50 EURO for 2 days plus 1 roadie (bike unload, driving, bike loading).

360° Video recording

60-90 minutes recording as 360° video.
2 days post production.
4 - 6 days YouTube uploading to the Qroft channel.
10 seconds branding at the beginning and the end.

Headphone disco equipment.

Offer an audio-transmission so that people can tune into the LIVE mix with their own headphones plugged into their smartphone or tablet through a Radio FM transmitter.
Approx. 100m wide omni-directional range.
Android via built-in FM radio.
iOs up to iPhone 6.

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