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Once printed as DIN A4 this template offers you a special divider of the month with these features: a mini calender of the full month that you can mark with three signs to have a quick overview of special days of this month. Beneath it you get some special information like historical dates and birthdays of famous people. Next to this you have a checklist of good deeds to solve this month and beneath it a free space with a task to ask you to draw said task or stick/glue something in it that visualizes it. On the second half of the paper you have three main todo lines to remember of important tasks for this month. Beneath it are four small rectangle rows where each cell stands for a day. By painting out these cells, you can mark the days you did sports, were sick, cooked a real meal or anything else you would like to statisticly remember per month. Beneath these is a part where you can write down the song and artist of this moment that you would like to make your "song to listen to the whole month". Then there is also the seasonality information of what fruits or vegetables grow this month. This one is followed by an overview of these month's moon phases for both hemispheres and beneath them the zodiac signs for this month and their charactersistics.

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