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Qrofties are small semi-transparent prints that can either be used as mass-unit product or as collectible solution to link your clients to your product.

The B2C segment often struggles to choose the correct, if not the best, handout or give-away product that not only reflects the brand but also interacts as connector to the customer. With the Qrofties you get both. These prints are not only an eyecatcher but also a nice tool to create a deeper connection to your customer or client. Depending on the content and campaign they are used for.

The size

With the size of a business card at 55x85mm (3.370x2.125inch) you have a give-away that fits into pockets or wallets without a problem. The thin plastic paper is not only featherlight but also robust.

The price

Printing ordinary business-cards or on paper will be cheaper. But the effect won't be the same. At Qroftie packages above 5.000 units, each price per unit gets lower than one cent.


Qrofties are a multi-usable tool. Either as a simple business card replacement, up to a collectible series, your clients will find a way to use them. Some use them as bookmarks, others for scrapbooking, on lamps, on mirrors...
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