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Connected by curiosity.

A QR code is the fastest and easiest way to promote any virtual link to your customers, visitors or guests. Instead of having to type a full website address, you simply scan the QR code and get directly to a virtual link.

Since autumn 2011 i painted several QR codes combined with my GIF animation art. In 2014 i started to paint commercial QR codes in acryl for hotels, lawyers, restaurants and other public spaces. My job with this type of art is not only to paint these codes, but also - together with you - define a strategy on how to hook the client's attention and break with their expectations.

QR code marketing

Connect to your clients.

Get your own painted QR code.

When i started with streetart, i was already a publisher of a german computer scene magazine distributed on 3½" diskettes and via BBS.

Since then my aim is to connect unconventional ideas to the mainstream and i think that there is no difference in transporting a message through a Grafitti on a wall nor a magazine advertisement. Your goal is to catch someone's attention through art.

That's why i paint QR codes commercially. I want QR codes to become more famous. I want QR codes to offer more than a simple weblink.

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