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What a weekend! For the last three days i received a lot of positive tunes about the Qrofties, what is very important due to the fact that once i explained their usage, people went mad about the idea. Most of them said that they are way too cheap, and i had to realize that there where three things i did not calculated on the end price: the clams, the plastic bag and the individual print outs forcing me to recalculate everything from raw. Though i did not sold anything today, the idea of the "5sentidos" is absolutely nice and i am sure that the popularity of the event and the market itself will increase within the next weeks. The most important thing about these days for me was to realize how many people are into art on this island, considering the fact that down in the south where i live, most don't care about art because the base does not exist. I will change that within the next weeks. A lot. I have to.