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The creators of the canarian local event magazine "La Brujula - ocio y cultura" got together with the president of an old and small market in Las Palmas that is about to be reanimated. In a part of Las Palmas where gentrification has not arrived yet, the Mercadoe del Puerto is going to celebrate its 125th aniversary next year. But there is a lot that has to be done around that area so the idea was to create a weekly event apart of the main duty going around that place. In the day time you can buy fruits and take advantage of services, while on the night time bars open their doors to offer tapas and beer.
New to this now is that whenever possible, the closed space whithin the market is going to be used for craftsmanship, art and culture. So the mentioned magazine searched for people who were able to participate in the first four days with their products or art within 48 hours - and i did.

My idea was to have all of my three art projects within the same space: QR code in acrylic, the sticers & Qrofties, and my "remember the .GIF" videoart. Today, i started with the painting.48 hours to go.