When i started with streetart, i was already a publisher of a german computer scene magazine distributed on 3½" diskettes and via BBS. At that time i was 14 years old.
Since then my aim is to connect unconventional ideas to the mainstream and i think that there is no difference in transporting a message through a Grafitti on a wall nor a magazine advertisement. Your goal is to catch someone's attention through art.

Over 30 years of experience in the media world this led me to develop marketing concepts for international companies and paint QR codes commercially. My aim is to make marketeers and users more interested in QR codes by generating an USP for each individual QR code that i create. I want QR codes to offer more than just a simple weblink.

Other projects by Qroft

Seaside Hotels career database
Realized in 2013 Passed to InterTec in 2018
Qroft developed an inhouse job database solution where job-seekers who want to work for the Seaside Hotels Group can upload, edit and update their CV online. On the backend hotel directors and team-leaders can search, filter, print and directly contact job candidates. Seaside Hotels were the first larger group on Canary Island offering an inhouse solution whilst competitors used external services like Monster, Hotelcareer or Infojobs.
Surveyvor survey tool
Realized in 2017 Own project
Based on the fact that nearly every hotel on Canary Island uses paper prints as guest surveys, the surveyvor.com project was created to give hotels the ability to use tablets as survey tool.