The first DJ mix series with a sustainable soundsystem in 360° video

What started as an idea in the Summer of 2018, became reality in May 2019: a YouTube channel that offers DJ mix sessions with a portable and as suistainable as possible DJ soundsystem. Users can not only listen to the live DJ mix sessions but also get informations about equipment to build their own portable DJ soundsystem.

Build on a Babboe Cargo Bike, Qroft created a portable case that does not work only as showroom for the products that he created but also a full DJ soundsystem with notebook and controller. This way he can realize DJ sessions anywhere where his bicycle can get to. Depending on the battery solution used, the DJ sessions can last between 2 and 4 hours.
The YouTube DJ mixes are limited to 1 hour as the battery of the 360° camera does not last longer than that.

Av. Francisco Vega Monroy 11
Portal 4, P1C
35109 El Tablero
Gran Canaria, Spain
T +34-626 98 2112

Hospitality bookings

"When people see a DJ spinning out of a cargo bike soundsystem, the question is not IF, but HOW MANY photos they upload to Instagram or Facebook."

360° VR video
Qroft is the first to start a DJ series of 360° recorded video mixes. Every gig has optionaly a 60 minutes long video that can be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.

Headphone silence
Qroft is the first DJ worldwide to offer this technique to the hospitality market. Let your guests listen to a LIVE DJ through their own headphones while laying at the pool without disturbing any other guests.

LIVE streaming
Stream live either to Facebook or Youtube as 360° video. People around the world will be able to hear the DJ music and at the same time look around the location.

Beachclubs & Bars
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Hotel lobbies
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Equipment video reviews
The YouTube channel contains videos of equipment that is tested and reviewed as DJ soundsystem solution. As the aim of the project is to offer a suistainable mobile soundsystem, there are some restrictions per equipment. If you want your hardware to be reviewed please follow these guides.

DJ Controllers

The controller must be able to be bus-powered via a standard USB, MINI-USB or USB-socket.
The controller must be portable so that you can carry it in a backpack or special DJ bag.

Notebook or tablet

Price tag
The price tag shall not exceed 350EUROS.
Operating system
Windows or Linux.
Come with at least 2GB of RAM.
Battery Life
Have a battery life span of at least 2 hours when fully charged.


Tablet or Laptop powering
optionaly up to 24v powering option to feed a standard laptop power socket or via standard USB-C.
The battery must be portable so that you can carry it in a backpack .

If your hardware meets the proper requirements and you want me to create a 360° video review out of it, please send your stuff to:

Carlos Pinto
C/ Manuel Pestana Quintana 1, P39
35109 El Tablero
Gran Canaria, Spain

DJ Costs estimate
Use the form below to calculate a price depending on the services that you want. Please be aware that certain products need technical equipment from your side (like a WiFi connection with an upload rate of at least 2Mbps).
Do not hesitate to call +34 - 626 98 2112 for any open questions.

How long do you want me to DJ?

Extra transportation.
Locations outside of the Maspalomas area must activate this, as a XTRAVANZ pickup truck will be rented for 80.50 EURO per day plus 1 roadie (driving + to load the bike).


360° Video - raw.
60 minutes long 360° video of the first hour of my DJ gig at your location. This includes: 2 ddays post production for audio injection and rendering.


360° Video - branded.
60 minutes long 360° video of the first hour of my DJ gig at your location. This includes a 8 second branding at the beginning and the end, and 3 days of post-production.


360° LIVE stream to Facebook.
360° LIVE stream video in low sound athmosphere quality (!) to your own Facebook page. ATTENTION: this requires a good and steady WiFi connection!


160° LIVE stream to Facebook.
160° wide angle LIVE stream video (via a ZOOM Q2N-4K camera) to your own Facebook page. Includes a video operator for up to four hours. ATTENTION: this requires a good and steady WiFi connection!


Headphone silence equipment.
Offer an audio-transmission so that people can tune into the LIVE mix with their own headphones and smartphone (Android or FM radio only).



+7% IGIC

-15% IRPF


Selected services + Taxes