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Carlos Pinto


Meet my latest marketing invention: Qrofties.

The Qrofties are small semi-transparent prints at the size of a business card. Their speciality is that with every design the white color won't be visible thus becoming transparent. This way one layout can have several effects depending on where it is used.

Meet the Qrofties

Marketing art via acrylic painted QR codes.

More than 98% of the worldwide created QR codes are not scanned. Increase you client's curiosity to scan a code by a handcrafted QR code painted on canvas with acrylic colors. I don't only paint these pictures, but also develop a marketing strategy to increase your ROI with such a painting.

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Hospitality projects

Projects i developed for the hospitality business on Canary Island.

Seaside Hotels Job database

Design, development and security maintenance of an inhouse job database solution where people that want to work for the Seaside Hotels Group can upload, edit and update their CV.

On the backend hotel directors and team-leaders can search, filter, print and directly contact job candidates.

Surveyvor digital enquiries

The Surveyvor service is an online survey solution for your CRM. Instead of handing out paper and a pen, your client gets a tablet where he reviews his stay, food, the chauffeur or anything else. The project's USP is that you can adapt your surveys to your product in general or to each of your product's services.

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