ART 3.0
Street/art marketing

Let me fix your bad
QR code marketing.

In 2017 Snapchat and the Pokemon Go app raised the daily usage of QR codes above 8000% per user. Today in China only, millions of payment transactions per week are paid via QR codes. What's about the ROI created by your brand's QR codes?

As a streetartist my strategy is to lead people to scan my codes on the basis of their curosity. And as a marketeer the strategy is to offer a solution through my art, wich leads people to scan the codes for an added-value. Preferably over and over again.
Carlos "Qroft" Pinto

Increase QR code scans.
Each package increases the user experience and a direct connection to your customer

Offer more, get more.
Qroft uses dynamic QR link solutions to offer more than just fixed weblinks

Get detailed statistics.
Get detailed information with each scan and raw details about your user in real time

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